How to debug a stored procedure in your Sql Server 2005

30 בספטמבר 2007

In my company there is a sophisticate logic layer in Sql Server DB. In order to write tests that will check this code we need to write some T-SQL code. The test methods including a serious of initialization script before and after each one of them. I’m going to share you with a very helpful way to debuging this important code by using SQLCLR abilities.The first thing we should do is to open a new Sql Database Project. Create a new SQL Server Project, by adding a new project and selecting SQL Server Project Template. Then we need to add...
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Working with Sql Server Project

In this post, I want to share with you a great solution to one of the biggest problem in the development life cycle. Almost every system work with a data. We usually store it in db and when we do it we will get all db capabilities (Multiple users, Security, Performance, and much more). But one of the most hurtful thing in development process is the db source control. We always have some troubles in managing database entities. Furthermore, when we want to do some maintenance operation on our database, like cleaning all unnecessary tables or just to be...
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