What I am doing to become a better developer

31 ביולי 2007

Shani added me to his tagged list, so I'll try to answer this question. As an introduction to the answer I have already defined what a good developer in my point of view is. Things I should do Blog posts – I must write more posts for my blog. I'm a perfectionist guy, and because of it, it is taking me a long time to publish a post (I am thinking a lot before I publish each post…). TDD – I know the theory but I really should take more practical practices in this...
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Characteristics of a good programmer

29 ביולי 2007

I tried to think about the most 5 important characters, in my point of view, which can describe a good programmer and here they are: The ability and the desire to learn new things by yourself. Not because somebody tells you to do so, but because you want it! The developer should be creative and with open mind. In the same time he should be able to accept decision that others made. Be a team-worker: work together in a team structure, be patient to your colleagues, help them when they need it, teach them what you...
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How to synchronize between local Sql servers (compact edition and mobile) to Sql server 2005

27 ביולי 2007

One of the common options to synchronize several distributed sql servers to a central Sql server 2005 is by using Remote Data Access Synchronization (RDA). I needed to check this option for one of my project. What does it give us? How does it work? The RDA tries to give us a solution to access data that stores in a central Sql server form local db's (Sql server mobile and Sql server compact edition databases). It includes a tacking engine that stores all changes in the remote db and pushes it later to the central Sql server. This architecture...

Usability testing

22 ביולי 2007

One of my last missions at my former workplace was to lead a usability testing. We chose to do those tests for new services, that where written by Nati in WCF technology. Please prepare yourself because I'm going to share with you some of my work. Let's start… Usability testing purpose: The main purpose for usability testing is to measure the comfortable when using a public API. These tests should be run on specific component or small number of components with high relationship between. The measure will make by watching other people that using that...
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Lecture about LINQ

19 ביולי 2007

In last month I lectured at my former work about LINQ. The lecture included these subjects: What is LINQ? DLINQ? XLINQ? An introduction to the LINQ project Some of the new C# 3.0 features(extension methods, Lambda expressions ) LINQ to objects LINQ to SQL And a lot code samples…You can download the lecture presentation and code samples from the attachment.I promise to write some posts about this subject...
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Some changes in my life

15 ביולי 2007

After 7 years I left my job. At my previous workplace I got my first qualified as a new programmer, after a while I became a senior developer. At the last two years I served as a team leader. I found good friends in my last workspace, and I'm sure that this friendship will last years ahead. These days I'm finishing my B.Sc in computer science. I'm entering a new phase in my life, so I have decided to take a short vacation to Italy (You can take a look at some pictures here). And now I'm looking for a...
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