How to declare a javascript file as an embedded resource in assembly

13 ביוני 2007

There are many scenarios it is recommended to use an embedded resource which is part of the assembly. One of the common cases is having a custom control with custom script file and wanting to ship them in a close assembly to other projects. Thanks to deployments reasons we prefer to ship only the assembly without the other resource files. There is a simple approach to do it in .Net 2.0. Ok, what do we have to do in order to accomplish this task? Assumptions: - We have a custom control which is called "AlertButton"(Inherit from the Button class). - This control...
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Export to PDF open source framework

On my last project I had a mission to find an appropriate framework for exporting some images and text to a Pdf file format. The basic guidelines that lead me were: -         This framework should be developed under the .Net framework. -         It must be an open source code and not just black box. -         The export to a Pdf process shouldn't affect the exported image quality. -         The framework will be easily to use. After searching over the net I found the solution => The ITextSharp framework answers all my requirements. ITextSharp is a .Net open source libraries that allows you to...
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Sql injection Presentation

12 ביוני 2007

On my last semester, I took a course of "secure communication's networks" (By Professor Amir Herzberg). Among the topics we discussed, Professor Herzberg taught about vulnerability of security over the net. When we started to discuss the "Sql injection" subject he asked me to lecture about this subject in front of the class. You can download my short presentation about "SQL Injection Attack" from the following link.
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