Exchange Server 2007 SP2 is Available


Exchange Server 2007

Two days ago (24.08.09) Microsoft released SP2 for Exchange Server 2007.

As we know, most of Microsoft Service Packs are collection of all updates released for a product since it was RTM, but that is not the case with Exchange Server 2007 SP2. Exchange Server 2007 SP2 adds some new features to your Exchange Organization which I will summaries here.

Deploying Exchange Server 2010 – You can deploy Exchange Server 2010 in your organization once all of the Client Access servers in your organization have been upgraded to Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Exchange Backup Functionality – Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 includes a VSS plug-in for Windows Server Backup to support Exchange backups. Once SP2 is installed, you can use Windows Server Backup to back up and restore your Exchange 2007 SP2 databases

Enhanced Auditing – New Exchange auditing events and audit log repository enable Exchange administrators to more easily audit the activities occurring on their Exchange servers

Dynamic Active Directory Schema Validation – The dynamic AD schema update and validation feature allows for future schema updates to be dynamic deployed as well as proactively preventing conflicts whenever a new property is added to the AD schema.

Public Folder Quota Management – Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 provides a more efficient way to manage Public Folder quotas by improving the current Cmdlets and removing the dependency on the Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning Administration to perform management tasks.

Centralized Organizational Settings – There are several new Cmdlets parameters that have been added that enable centralized management of many of the Exchange organization settings.

For a list of new Cmdlets and additional info about what’s new in Exchange Server 2007 SP2, visit the What’s New page.

You should also read the Release Notes for Exchange Server 2007 SP2 for more information about installing SP2 in your Exchange Organization, especially the Upgrading to Exchange 2007 SP2 part .



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