What’s New in Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) Video


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In a few days (5/5/09), Windows 7 Release Candidate will be publicly avaliable for download.

In the mean time, Microsoft released an 11 minutes video describing Windows 7 RC features and improvements from the beta.

The video talks about the new User Account Control (UAC) improvements, new Winkey shortcuts, Jumplists and application integration with Jumplists (like Live Messenger, Office products, Windows Media Player… ), Themes and…. a new virtualization technology – Virtual Windows XP Mode.

Virtual Windows XP Mode is a new separate install feature (at the moment…) which gives you a full Windows XP environment running as a virtual machine on your Windows 7. This feature enables you to launch the applications you install in the Virtual Windows XP on your Windows 7 desktop. For example, you can run both Internet Explorer 8 (which is built-in in Windows 7) and Internet Explorer 6 (which is built-in in Virtual Windows XP) or Office 2007 and Office 2003.

More about Virtual Windows XP Mode soon…

The video can be download from Microsoft Download Site.


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one comment

  1. John04/05/2009 ב 2:37

    The windows 7 taskbar is the best taskbar microsoft has even produced bar none and it is fully customizable. If you find it takes up too much space make it smaller, find that you want greater distinction between running apps add text or better yet do want you are doing now and don’t place shortcuts in the taskbar. You can still use the taskbar the way it always was ( even the way it switches) but now you get thumbnail previews of running apps, thats all that was changed or should i say added.