Building Software with TFS, from Start to Finish

28 ביוני 2011

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Shmulik Segal, the head of the ALM team at Sela delivered a presentation on building software with TFS 2010. With a true-to-life story about a fictitious team of developers trying to deliver a product, he took us through the steps to creating a robust automatic build infrastructure for our product: from relying on drops provided by a developer, generated on his local machine, to an automatic build on a dedicated build server.

From this point, Shmulik showed us how to make our build stronger, by adding rules and policies that must be satisfied, such as architectural decisions, coding standards and the like, we can make code-reviews easier, by relegating the validation to the build-server, and providing feedback on the quality of our code within minutes of checking it in, rather than at the end of the release (if ever).

2011-06-28 16.03.25

The talk also included:

  • how to customize build definitions
  • how to create and customize TFS build workflows with WF 4.0
  • Comparisons between xml scripts of previous versions and other build systems, and the TFS workflow-based engine
  • How to create your own custom build activities

Thanks Shmulik for a deep and advanced presentation on end to end building with TFS 2010

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