Building Software with TFS, from Start to Finish

28 ביוני 2011

Shmulik Segal, the head of the ALM team at Sela delivered a presentation on building software with TFS 2010. With a true-to-life story about a fictitious team of developers trying to deliver a product, he took us through the steps to creating a robust automatic build infrastructure for our product: from relying on drops provided by a developer, generated on his local machine, to an automatic build on a dedicated build server. From this point, Shmulik showed us how to make our build stronger, by adding rules and policies that must be satisfied, such as architectural decisions, coding...
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Our Talk at Sela Dev-Days–ALM Best Practices with TFS 2010

Today Yuval Mazor and I gave the talk above in front of ~20 people, as part of the ALM day of Sela Group’s Dev Days 2011. People were quite receptive – and I believe we got them to understand not only how you do things in TFS 2010, but also why. Some of the things we talked about: Best practices for managing software development projects with TFS 2010 What are work items and how to use them (including customizations and links) How to properly build a branching plan...