OpenUp – Defrost Outlook

יום רביעי, יולי 16, 2008

Daniel Cohen has released a popular project (that got into lifehacker) called  Defrost Outlook to OpenUp: Daniel - "Outlook 2007 sp1 freezes or hangs in some occasions. Until a formal fix release from Microsoft , we want to help in the meanwhile."     Thanks Daniel!
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OpenUp – Share your code and win a trip to PDC

יום שלישי, מאי 13, 2008

We have just lunched a new developer competition called OpenUp. The basic idea is to create a cool open source project and to enter it into the competition. The projects should be release to the open source through CodePlex and under the MSPL license. We have a web site that hosts the competition and references the projects in CodePlex. As for the prizes- · Every one that submits a project gets a cool T-shirt. · Every month we will pick the most popular...
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Come hear David Chappell at Tech-Ed's Dev-Lead track

יום חמישי, אפריל 3, 2008

I am happy to invite you to attend David Chappel's session about 'Understanding Software + Services' at Tech-Ed next Monday. This session had a super high score at Tech-Ed Europe. About the session - The move to service-orientation is well underway, both inside enterprises and on the Internet. What role does traditional software play in a world of on-line services? In particular, how is Microsoft approaching the combination of software plus services? This session provides an overview of this area, giving an introduction to and a perspective on this emerging combination. For many software companies SaaS and...
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Don't you wish we were using your project to optimize VB2008?

יום רביעי, ינואר 9, 2008

In an interesting blog, about how VB2008 Outperforms VB2005, by Members of the VB team in Microsoft, I found this offer: "All times are found by performing operations on representative, large projects in XP. Don't you wish we were using your project to optimize our times? Send it in so that we can optimize for you! ( We are always interested to get more customer projects for our testing. Is there another scenario you're interested that you don't see above, where you continue to experience performance lags in your regular usage of the product? Please send in repro steps so we can take a look! (" Looks...
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JNI – not as fun as you would expect

יום שלישי, יוני 12, 2007

Java Native Interface (JNI) is a way for java applications to load and invoke DLLs. Because java sources are available for the developer to step into during runtime(I wish we had that too in C#) you could see a lot of JNI calls. For example when you step into java socket you get a JNI call to a C++/C socket. One would think that it would be easy to call C++ from java, because of the multiple use of it in java itself, but it is NOT. You need to generate a .H file from the already compiled java class and then...
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