Silverlight String-To-PathGeometry Converter

29 ביוני 2008

Alex Golesh has release String-To-PathGeometry Converter to OpenUp. About the project: "Silverlight 2 is great technology. But for some developers who used to work with WPF there are some missed helper classes, which are very handy. One of them is “PathFigureCollectionConverter” object, which accepts string with figure path definition and convert it to Geometry object. This project provides similar functionality for Silverlight 2: it accepts string with path definition, and return PathGeometry object which could be used in Silverlight 2 applications to set “Data” property for Path object. Also, it can convert PathGeometry object back to string with path...
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OpenUp – Gmail desktop application.

26 ביוני 2008

Shai Raiten has released a really cool, and free,  gmail desktop application to OpenUp called GSender. Gsender is a simple Gmail desktop application that you can now use to send emails with your Gmail account, moreover no configuration is needed to run the application.Gsender features include - Drag and Drop attachment, Schedule email, add and remove contacts and more… Thanks Shai!
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OpenUp – WCF Extras

18 ביוני 2008

Eyal Post has released an open source project to OpenUp called WCF Extras. WCF Extras is a collection of useful WCF extensions including Soap Header support, WSDL documentation etc. The WCF platform is very extensible and allows you to easily add features that are not part of the core product.This project contains some extensions needed in a WCF based project: SOAP Header support for WCF Adding WSDL Documentation from Source Code XML Comments Override SOAP Address Location URL Single WSDL file for better compatibility with older SOAP tools. Thanks Eyal!
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OpenUp- Save the planet (and money) with TurningOffService

17 ביוני 2008

Roni Furer has released a great green open source project call TurningOffService to OpenUp. About the project: By turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, you can  save 40 watt-hours per day. That adds up to 4 cents a day, or $14 per year. Turning off a computer extends its lifetime, contrary to some misconceptions. Leaving a computer running the whole year will cost you more than 1,000 kWh/y, or almost as much a the total electricity consumption of a high-efficiency household. The easy-to-install windows service "TurningOffService" forces a computer shotdown in an hour chosen by...
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OpenUp – Licenser – A Software license package

Eyal Levin has released a free and open source software licensing package to OpenUp: About this project: "A package used by the software developers for licensing their products. The produced license file is digitally signed. It is also specific for the licensed computer. The developer may license any feature in his program separately. Each of the license features might be time depended (optional)." It is nice to see a licensing utility released in to the open source :) Thanks Eyal.
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OpenUp – Sudoku, WPF Poker and SnakeX

We got 3 new games submitted to OpenUp, All these application are free and open source software: Gil Shinnar and Simon Grinberg have released WPF poker, a simple WPF base poker for local area networks. The project is developed under Visual Studio 2008 and uses .NET 3.5. Eyal Vardi has contributed a Sudoku Puzzle application. Omer Hanetz has released SnakeX,  a Direct3D based snake game (using C# and .NET Framework 3.5). This game demonstrates basic DirectX usage. SnakeX uses basic Direct3D components such as Fonts, Sprites and Vertexes, to create basic Direct3D based game, which contains abilities like...
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Tipeysh! – VS Add-in that helps you create C/C++ header files on a single click.

11 ביוני 2008

Here is another OpenUp project, with an hilarious name: About Tipeysh- "Are you also feel miserable when you need to create a new header file in your Visual Studio C/C++ project? Repeatedly choosing "new header file", then writing the annoying (but needed) "#ifndef" section, then writing the class name with it's "private", "protected" and "public" access modifiers... too much clicks and typewriting! Well, there is a solution: Tipeysh! is a simple, easy to use, very handy and configurable Visual Studio Add-In, compatible for both the 2005 and 2008 versions. Once you'll start using it, you won't go back... The...
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