My addiction-enabling technologies

18 ביוני 2007

Hi, my name is Amir Shevat and I am a communication addict (…we love you Amir…). I love computers, cellular phones and PDAs. Getting a new email is a rush for me every time, and I get 80-120 emails a day not including junk mail and distribution lists.  Phone calls are always answered (I get 20-30 of those every day), especially from  numbers I do not recognize, no matter what the time is. My phone always complains about the fact that I am getting too much SMS and he is running out of memory. And frankly, I had...
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JNI – not as fun as you would expect

12 ביוני 2007

Java Native Interface (JNI) is a way for java applications to load and invoke DLLs. Because java sources are available for the developer to step into during runtime(I wish we had that too in C#) you could see a lot of JNI calls. For example when you step into java socket you get a JNI call to a C++/C socket. One would think that it would be easy to call C++ from java, because of the multiple use of it in java itself, but it is NOT. You need to generate a .H file from the already compiled java class and then...
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A wonderful thing.

8 ביוני 2007

I love cats. In this time of year there are many ally-kittens running around. Kind people feed them from time to time and their population flourishes. Next to the place I park my car at home there is a new family of kittens, a white lovely mother with two charming kittens. Today, like every day, before I drove to work at Microsoft, I checked on them and said hello to the little kittens. Later,...
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