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21 במאי 2007

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Let’s say you have a great idea, you figured out how to save the world from poverty, cure cancer or just had a great insight about a new technology.

Would you put it in a blog? Is that the best media for new and great things?

Blogs are a great, uncensored, platform for people to say what they want, and if you look hard inside the haystack you might find some diamonds. For example, blogs for me are the number one technical resource.

On the other hand, there is a great long tail of content in blog sites and it is hard to shine out there. only if a search engines indexed you well or you are a super-famous blogger, you have chance get traction, no matter how good your ideas and insights are. New bloggers , like new sites, find it hard to get their word out there. Moreover, sometime blogs (and blog wars) fill the blog sites with useless and sometimes rude junk. 

So, I guess like every phenomena, blogs are a mixture of both good and bad….

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