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15 בפברואר 2011

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I just read a great Post by Yaniv Golan, where he explain how living outside the US cause him often frustrated by the evident lack of awareness to the existence of any other geographic location displayed by many US-originated web & mobile companies.

In his Post Yaniv had created a check list. Implementing most of the items requires a rather trivial amount of effort, one that can easily be justified by thinking about the 95.495% of humanity that lives outside the United States of America.

Here Be Dragons. Not

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3 תגובות

  1. Rotem Bloom16 בפברואר 2011 ב 15:06

    מה קורה אסף? פתחת פה בלוג יפה
    בהצלחה ונעקוב על מה שאתה כותב פה.

    ביי רותם

  2. NIKE FREE 5.017 בספטמבר 2013 ב 10:08

    Beyond stunning, I adore them. The photos are magical!