WES 2009 HORM Problem

February 25, 2011

Windows Embedded Standard 2009, activating HORM (Hibernate Once Resume Many), xpepm.exe reported power manager cofiguration issue, fba.exe shut down the computer instead of hiberating it. Start by verifying that you can hibernate using Windows shut-down menu. Either you cannot hibernate because a driver does not support it (or is preventing it) or you need to verify the 'Enable Hibernation' checkbox on the Power Management control panel applet (powercfg.cpl)
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Windows Virtual PC Disk Compacting

February 12, 2011

Now that I have a new laptop (Windows 7) I am using my old laptop (Windows XP) as a Windows Virtual PC machine. It works faster than the old real machine but I had a problem with the disk space. The virtual machine is reporting that it is using 85GB of disk but the file size was actually 85GB on the host OS. When you turn off the virtual machine you can modify the virtual disk and reduce its size. The process is documented to include: A. Disk difragmenter B. Use an ISO image that comes with Windows Virtual PC and run...
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WDK setup on Windows Embedded "unknown trust provider"

February 10, 2011

Hi All, I tried istalling my WDF based driver on Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and it failed. Dependency walker showed that my driver is missing the reference wdfldr.sys which is installed automatically with WDF's co-installer. Device Manager shows an unknown device under my device class and setup API identifies that a device with the class is installed in the system. When I tried to manually update the driver in Device Manager I got the error saying that the installation failed with the error "unknown trust provider". The solution was to add cryptographic services. I didn't verify what was missing, just added all...
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Dell Latitude On Reader 2.1 With Office 2010 Plus Problem

February 9, 2011

Hi All, When I got my Intel Black-Belt title I also got a very nice Dell laptop. As a Microsoft MVP I have an MSDN subscription so I installed the latest version of Office 2010 Plus myself. The operating system is Windows 7 64 bit. When I pressed the Latitude On Reader button the application said that I needed Outlook installed. I didn't pay much attention to it until I needed an address for a meeting which was sent to me by email. Only then I decided that the reader might be a good idea. Looking for a solution online I found nothing...