Parallel Computing Tutorial

December 22, 2009

With some delay I am publishing a video about parallel programming. This tutorial is loaded with advanced concepts mainly dealing with parallel software design and architecture.

As some of you may know I have presented “Parallel Programming for Embedded” TechEd 2009 Europe. This is the video. There are no code samples in this presentations because there are too many languages and operating systems that it is irrelevant to show any code. Instead this presentation shows how the hardware has always been parallel and therefore it is a good source for parallel design. Windows Kernel has always been working in parallel as well, but Windows NT kernel is an embedded operating system and has its own compiler.

The concepts in this video are covered in over 20 days of lectures that I have so it is packed with many advanced concepts.

The video is currently at the home page of If you can’t see it there then look for it under the Video section, or under Events.


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