What’s your favorite?

June 29, 2008

Hey all,  With the upcoming events (Microsoft open day, Eyal Vardi's, etc.) I would like to hear what is your preference for Parallel Computing technology. Would you prefer to hear about technologies that you can use with your existing design or would you rather learn about good design methodologies and the tools that can help you with that. To this point I have been having a mild mix. Have a good week, Asaf
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Open Day

June 26, 2008

Hey all,  As most of you already know, Microsoft and I are having an open day about parallel computing. Here is a link http://asyncop.com/MTnPDirEnum.aspx?treeviewPath=%5bs%5d+Events%5c%5bg%5d+Microsoft+July+2008+Israel  I would be happy to hear your opinion of the subjects and more importantly any points that I should raise during the sessions. Any comment, idea, known bug, and question are more than welcome.  See you all there :-)  Asaf
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