Ruby.NET 0.9 released

21 בנובמבר 2007

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While everybody and their sister (especially in this blogging community) is busy celebrating the release of VS2008. A more interesting* release happened today – The first community release of Ruby.NET (version 0.9). This is another step in the languages trend I discussed here a few weeks ago.

The release is said to have a lot of improvements however, Ruby.Net 
isn't running Rails just yet. Hopefully we'd have that soon. Another
thing I would love to have is to use Ruby's testing frameworks like Mocha to test .NET classes (which already works for Java and JRuby). Well I am off to test that now 🙂 – you can do that too, if you download the bits

By the way, you may also want to read the paper discussing the design of Ruby.Net (by Wayne Kelly and John Gough who started this project)

*my blog – my opinions 🙂


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