Test driving interactions using Async and Await

Saturday, September 15, 2012

From time to time I encounter a problem that seems pretty straight-forward to implement without TDD, but very cumbersome to do with TDD. Most of these cases have something in common: they describe interactions between the tested component and external parties. These external parties can be either the user, external system, or any kind of communication protocol. Here’s the simplest example I could think of: This is a simple console application that asks the user for his name, and then greets him with “Hello, “, followed by his name. Writing this application takes exactly 3...

TDD and multi-threading

Monday, March 28, 2011

According to good TDD practices a test should describe (and eventually test) a behavior and not the implementation. Because of that, one thing that is tricky to do in TDD is to write tests for a multi-threaded component. One can argue that multi-threading is a non-functional requirement, and therefore shouldn’t be covered by behavior tests, but only by load-tests. I don’t subscribe to this approach for few reasons: As I’ll show below, it is possible to describe a multi-threaded problem as a functional requirement. Load tests are non-deterministic Load tests usually take long to run, and therefore aren’t being run very...
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