Understanding One to Many relationships in NHibernate

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One to many relationships in a relational model is probably the most common kind of relationship used in a relational database. Typically, the table in the “many” side of the relationship contains a special column in which each row contains the Id of the corresponding row in the table at the ‘one’ side. Even though this is very straight-forward in the relational database model, there are many nuances as how to map it to the object-oriented model. These nuances confuses many developers, especially those new to NHibernate. In this post I’ll try to explain each of these...

hibernate-mapping.xsd with comments is ready!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hi! As I promised in an earlier post, I’m publishing the hibernate-mapping.xsd to which I’ve added the documentation, and you’re the first to know! So now you can enjoy IntelliSense tooltips while your editing your *.hbm.xml files, like this: I’m trying to contact NHibernate owners in order to submit this to the official NHibernate source files, but I’m still waiting for their response. In the mean time, you can be the first to enjoy it by downloading it from the link below.