Best Practices for Choosing Locators for Selenium

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A question that comes often, especially by folks that are new to Selenium, is what are the best practices to use when choosing a locator for an element. In other cases, people just have bad habits and don’t even think to ask this question, but they encounter instabilities or maintenance problems, without knowing that they don’t use the locators effectively. For the sake of clarity, a locator is the combination of the type and the value of the By clause which Selenium WebDriver uses in the FindElement and FindElements methods. As you probably know (given you’re familiar with Selenium), Selenium...

My book "Complete Guide to Test Automation" is due in September

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Update: The book is available at Amazon, or directly through Apress. According to the last time I've checked, Amazon had a better price a hard copy, but had no option for a soft copy, while through Apress you can order either a hard copy or a soft copy. I’m very proud to let you know that I finally completed writing the book I was working on for the last 2 years. While at first I called it “Succeeding with Test Automation”, when Apress Publishing suggested to publish my book they suggested the better name: “Complete Guide to Test Automation – Techniques,...
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Keeping an active desktop session

Sunday, January 3, 2016

UPDATE: For some reason, the solution as it was before didn't always work. I don't understand the root cause, but the solution was simply to remove the "-file" at the start of the arguments of the Task's action. I now fixed the instructions below accordingly.   When doing any kind of UI automation, there are several cases that a desktop session will be active. I’ll get to what it actually means in a second, but first I want to list some of the common problems that people encounter that are caused by not having an active desktop session: 1. In Coded UI,...

Announcing “Test Automation Essentials”!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I’d very glad to announce that I just published a new project on GitHub, and also made it available through NuGet! “Test Automation Essentials” is a set of tools that are handy for any test automation project. It contains all the code that I want to take with me from one project to another. I hope you'll find it useful for your projects too :-) Over time, I intend to add to this project everything that I do and can be helpful to other test projects. Of course that I’d also love to get contributions from the community! The source code itself...

The Real Value of Test Automation

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Automating the manual tests Most development organizations (and QA teams as part of them) that start developing an automation suite, aim that the automation will replace part of the long manual QA cycles. They expect that the test automation project will be a one-time effort (maybe with some low effort for continuous maintenance and adding tests afterwards), and from that point on its purpose will be to find bugs, just like manual testers do. Because the manual testing is a very simple and repetitive task, it looks like developing the automation should be simple too. After all, tests...