I’m on .Net Rocks!!!

January 14, 2016

Hi everybody, As a long time avid listener of the greatest podcast for .Net developer - ".Net Rocks" , I'm very excited to let you know that I'm the guest at show 1243! In this show titled "Successful Test Automation with Arnon Axelrod", I'm talking with the Carl and Richard (the hosts of the show) about best practices in test automation and how to write a good test automation suite that is valuable and easy to maintain. I also talk about my Test Automation Essentials GitHub project I announced in a previous post. Please listen up and tell me what you think! I'd like to...
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Keeping an active desktop session

January 3, 2016

UPDATE: For some reason, the solution as it was before didn't always work. I don't understand the root cause, but the solution was simply to remove the "-file" at the start of the arguments of the Task's action. I now fixed the instructions below accordingly.   When doing any kind of UI automation, there are several cases that a desktop session will be active. I’ll get to what it actually means in a second, but first I want to list some of the common problems that people encounter that are caused by not having an active desktop session: 1. In Coded UI,...