AOP with PostSharp

March 30, 2011

Recently I listened to show #640 of .Net rocks on which Carl and Richard talk with Gael Fraiteur about PostSharp and AOP in general. In the past I heard about AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), but it was in the context of AspectJ which is for Java, and in general it appeared to me more of an academic or esoteric thing rather than something I really like to try and even actually use it. But that show raised my interest in that subject a lot and so I took a look at the PostSharp website which contains very clear explanations...

TDD and multi-threading

March 28, 2011

According to good TDD practices a test should describe (and eventually test) a behavior and not the implementation. Because of that, one thing that is tricky to do in TDD is to write tests for a multi-threaded component. One can argue that multi-threading is a non-functional requirement, and therefore shouldn’t be covered by behavior tests, but only by load-tests. I don’t subscribe to this approach for few reasons: As I’ll show below, it is possible to describe a multi-threaded problem as a functional requirement. Load tests are non-deterministic Load tests usually take long to run, and therefore aren’t being run very...
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