hibernate-mapping.xsd with comments is ready!

February 27, 2011

Hi! As I promised in an earlier post, I’m publishing the hibernate-mapping.xsd to which I’ve added the documentation, and you’re the first to know! So now you can enjoy IntelliSense tooltips while your editing your *.hbm.xml files, like this: I’m trying to contact NHibernate owners in order to submit this to the official NHibernate source files, but I’m still waiting for their response. In the mean time, you can be the first to enjoy it by downloading it from the link below.

Comparing TDD with ATDD

February 14, 2011

In the project I’m working on right now we’re using FitNesse as a core part of our development process and I found it very useful. FitNesse is a wiki-like tool that provides the ability to define tests (and run them) by writing them in a special mark-up language, rather than in a programming language. This is usually best for describing user-stories (rather than low-level unit-tests), and therefore this approach is often referred to as “Acceptance Test Driven Development” or shortly ATDD. Note: other tools (like Cucumber and SpecFlow) refer to a similar approach...

About TDD, Clean Code and the Single Responsibility Principle

February 3, 2011

Hi again, I’m programming for over 15 years as a profession, in additional to about 10 years as a hobby before that. One thing I like about this profession is that you keep learning new things every day. However, only rarely you have a true “enlightenment” which really changes the way you write code. Few days I ago I had one! I first heard about TDD about 7 years ago but it took me some more years to really grasp it...
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