"Introduction to NHibernate" presentation and demo

January 30, 2011

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Last week I presented a lecture about NHibernate to the .Net division of E4D Solutions. Now all of you can download the presentation and the demo sources (attached to this post).

The zip file contains:

  1. NHibernteDemo.pptx – this is the PowerPoint presentation.

  2. NHibernateTest.mdf – this is the database used for the demo. Attach this database to your local SQL Server.

  3. 6 folders containing the demo sources split into stages. The solutions are for VS2010 and contain 2 projects: Client and BusinesLogic. Note that the Client are the same for all stages and only the BusinessLogic projects are changed.


  1. If you don’t have NHibernate binaries you can download them from here.

  2. You may have to change the connection string in the hibernate.cfg.xml file in each BusinessLogic project to point to your actual database.

  3. You’ll probably have to fix the references to the following dlls:

    1. In BusinessLogic, add the NHibernate.dll from <NHibernate folder>\Required_bins

    2. In the Client project, and a reference to NHibernate.ByteCode.LinFu.dll from <NHibernate folder>\Required_For_LazyLoading\LinFu

Have fun, and don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions!

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