Workaround For Crash In Performance Profiling Tools for WPF

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Introduction Every WPF developer knows the situation where you have a large line-of-business application, you’ve implemented all the features and when you finally run it on real data – it runs s-l-o-w. Optimization Time! Optimization for performance is fun since a 1% change of code gets you 99% change in performance. However, finding the one location you should change can be a pain. This is why we’ve invented performance profilers. Profilers can help you pin-point the problem. WPF? WPF applications performance problems can usually be categorized to several kinds, for example, layout related,...
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Spelling and Grammar Checking Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Friday, June 10, 2011

Introduction In my previous post I’ve presented “After the Deadline”, a spelling and grammar checking web service and my .NET wrapper library. This library allows you to integrate spell and grammar checking in your .NET application. The library was written in C# using .NET 4. Also, back in this post, I’ve presented how one can use a .NET 4 DLL from a .NET 2 executable. All of this was just preparations for writing my own grammar checker plugin for Windows Live Writer. Now, I know what you’re thinking.. “Doesn’t WLW already have a spell checker?”...

How To Implement a Windows Live Writer Plug-in That Checks For Missing Tags

Saturday, December 4, 2010

This post provides the technical details on how I’ve implemented the Windows Live Writer Plug-in Check For Missing Tags, which was presented here. What Is This Plug-in Anyway? This plug-in will remind you to add the proper tags if they are missing. Trying to post without proper tagging when the plug-in is installed will result with the following dialog: Clicking on the Cancel button (which is the default) will abort the publish operation and will let you update the categories. The list of required categories is saved in a simple text file...
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Never Forget To Tag Your Post Again!

Background A few days ago, there was a bloggers meeting at Microsoft Raanana Office. While I was there I’ve heard some people complain that they sometimes forget to add the proper tags to their blog posts (e.g. DEV, ITPRO, TECH, OFFTOPIC, VIDEO). Presenting: Check For Missing Tags Plug-in I’ve decided to pick up the glove and implement a Windows Live Writer plug-in that will remind you to add the proper tags. Trying to post without proper tagging when the plug-in is installed will result with the following dialog: Clicking on...
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Live Writer “Share” Plug-in Posted to MSN Gallery

Monday, August 16, 2010

In one of my previous posts I’ve published the code for a Live Writer plug-in that allows you to easily add to your post share buttons for common technological sharing sites, like: DotNetKicks DotNetShoutout CodeProject blog feed DZone AddThis (facebook, twitter, mail, etc.) Since I figured this plug-in can be useful to other people as well I’ve published it on the Microsoft Live Gallery, a gallery for Live Writer plug-ins and more. You can download...
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Live Writer Plug-in for Sharing Technical Post

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adding a new post to my blog was always a daunting task. I had to follow these steps: Write the post on Windows Live Writer Publish it and get the post link Submit to DotNetKicks and get their counter html Submit to DotNetShoutout and get their counter html Prepare html for my CodeProject blog feed Edit the post and add the html I’ve collected in the previous steps Republish post Well, no more! Inspired by Guy Burstein’s post I’ve decided to write my own Live Writer Plug-in that will handle all of this mess for me. In order to test the plug-in...