MIX 2011: My Schedule for Day 2

April 13, 2011

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Following is my planned schedule for the second day of MIX 2011.
Note: I have a Plan B for almost every lecture, just in case.

Day 2, 09:00-11:00
: Day 2 Keynotes
Presenters: Dean Hachamovitch, Joe Belfiore and Scott Guthrie
Description: MIX 2011 keynotes

Day 2, 11:30-12:30
: Building In Browser Experiences with Silverlight 5
Presenter: Steve Lasker
Description: Whether using MVVM or building data driven browser based plug-in experiences, Silverlight 5 addresses many of the top Data asks. See how it becomes easier to build, maintain and debug with Silverlight 5 features such as Implicit Data Templates, Custom Markup Extensions, Binding within Style Setters, TextLayout, Printing, DataContextChanged, RIA Services or Databinding Debugging within XAML. Learn how Silverlight 5 enhances your productivity and users with rich internet deployed applications.

Day 2, 11:30-12:30, Plan B
Session: Windows Phone Session (TBA)
Presenter: Andrew Clinick
Description: TBA.

Day 2, 14:00-14:25
: DIVA – The Future of Live Sports Consumption on the Web
Presenter: Jim Irving
Description: Sky Sports is delivering a ground breaking video experience for their UEFA Champions League coverage using Deltatre’s Data Integrated Video Application (DIVA). In this session Jim will present a case study on how DIVA uses Silverlight and Smooth Streaming to go well beyond simple video delivery by leveraging very rich synchronized meta-data overlays. The result is an interactive, immersive, and engaging experience that shows the future for live sports consumption on the web.

Day 2, 14:00-14:25, Plan B
Session: Windows Phone Session (TBA)
Presenter: Adina Trufinescu
Description: TBA.

Day 2, 14:35-15:00
: Windows Phone Session (TBA)
Presenter: Vibhor Agarwal
Description: TBA.

Day 2, 14:35-15:00, Plan B
Session: A Soccer Team in the Clouds: Social Gaming Running in Windows Azure
Presenter: Patricio Jutard
Description: Bola is a successful social game published by Three Melons – now Disney Corp – in different social networks including Facebook and Orkut. This session will present a highly-scalable, flexible, Azure-based architecture design that supports more than 10 million users with spikes of over 1.2 million daily active users and 80,000 concurrent sessions with 50 matches playing simultaneously from more than 120 countries. We’ll analyze considerations of storage and performance tuning using Memcached, custom monitoring, maintenance and the incorporation of Celebrata tools as part of the solution.

Day 2, 15:30-16:30
: Graphics & 3D with Silverlight 5
Presenter: Aaron Oneal
Description: Ready to take your visuals to another dimension? Silverlight 5 gives you a direct path to the GPU with a powerful immediate mode 3D graphics API. This talk provides an overview of the new features and general 3D graphics concepts, then gets technical exploring the new APIs. You will learn how to integrate 3D into your application and put the fundamentals to use by drawing 3D geometry, shading with color and texture, and creating animations. With these skills you will be on your way to differentiating your applications with high impact visualizations.

Day 2, 15:30-16:30, Plan B
Session: Script#: Compiling C# to JavaScript using Visual Studio
Presenter: Nikhil Kothari
Description: Script#, a C# to JavaScript compiler, brings the power of Visual Studio and .NET Tools to build a productive development model for creating, testing and managing applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with popular frameworks such as jQuery. This session provides a hands-on look at using Script#, shares success stories and experiences from real-world use, along with a project road-map.

Day 2, 17:00-18:00
: Tips for Improving Performance in Applications Built with Silverlight
Presenter: Mike Cook
Description: In its fifth version, Silverlight enables developers and designers to work together to build more impressive and complex applications than ever before, but with great power comes great responsibility. Come learn the tricks to keeping your Silverlight applications smooth and responsive and the tools to light your way should you find yourself in trouble.

Day 2, 17:00-18:00, Plan B
: Back to Square One
Presenter: Nishant Kothary
Description: We’ve tried it all in our pursuit to create the next runaway software success — fancy processes, expensive tools, powerful computers, bigger budgets, smaller budgets, swankier offices, ‘expert’ consultants, astrology, rabbits’ feet, you name it. But it seems like most of us still fail. We ship late. Our products suck. Our employees quit. Our customers hate us. Why? In "Back to Square One," Nishant Kothary will attempt to answer this elusive question by expanding on insights shared in his prior highly-rated talks, "A Website Named Desire" and "The Elephant in the Room." Much like previous years, this talk will draw from fields like philosophy, psychology, economics, art, even religion, to find its answers. But the $64,000 question is — Will there be pictures of puppies this year? You’ll just have to drop by to find out.

That’s it for now,
Arik Poznanski.

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