MIX 2011: Day 1 Keynotes Summary

April 13, 2011

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Despite of the fact that several Sela experts already blogged about the first day keynotes, I thought I’d give my perspective on this session.


Today was a very interesting day..
Not quite what I was expecting but MIX is not over yet.

The first session I’ve attended was the keynotes, of course.
Checkout the great drawings that captures the summary of the different parts of the keynotes.


The keynotes, which where opened by Dean Hachamovitch, presented the vision of “HTML 5 native to Windows”. As Dean said, native applications are always better. Whether it’s native phone applications which provides better user experience than websites designed for phones or add-ins being the worst counterpart of a native support for a feature. Native is always better. So the current vision of Microsoft is using HTML 5 to provide a native experience for your website using Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7.


In the keynotes Dean also presented several real HTML 5 applications like: Foursquare HTML 5 support, a site that uses SVG to create live dynamic animations, a nice HTML 5 Pac-man implementations and more.


Later in the keynotes, a first preview of Internet Explorer 10 was presented, which is now available for download. The particular implementation of IE 10 actually ran on an ARM processor, which is also a new improvement.

PDC 2011 dates were announced: 13-16.09.2011, will take place in Anaheim California. Save the date!

Next Scott Guthrie went to the stage and presented the new ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update which includes several new web related features, including Entity Framework v4.1, which isn’t so web related.


Finally Scott concluded the keynotes with a quick presentation of some of the new Azure features that got released recently like the new Access Control Service, Caching, CDN and Traffic Manager.


On a personal note, what I was missing the most is some kind of mentioning of Silverlight. Instead the only mention of Silverlight was “a plug-in”. Hopefully tomorrow’s keynotes will rectify this issue.

That’s it for now,
Arik Poznanski.

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