TechEd Israel 2010: Day 1 Summary

November 29, 2010

My journey to TechEd began with a flight at 12:30 from Natbag, courtesy of Microsoft (thanks again Michal).

Unfortunately, since my flight was at 12:30 (and actually left at 13:00), I had no chance of make it in time to the first session, “Developers Tools and Technologies Keynote” by Jason Zander.

This was especially annoying since the entire session revolved around a project I’ve been personally working on for the last few months, named FlashCards.Show.

In FlashCards.Show I’ve ported a WPF reference application to both a Silverlight web application and a Windows Phone application.
The three versions of the app (WPF, SL & Phone) use Windows Azure platform to share their data. Azure is also used to host a WCF web service and the Silverlight web application. Very cool.

This FlashCards.Show project was also used to demonstrate the new capabilities of the Coded UI Testing for Silverlight, available with Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2.

All in all, I’m very proud that my work was presented and used by Microsoft personnel to show many new Microsoft technologies. I’ve heard they even thanked me on stage Smile.  I can’t wait for this video to be available on TechEd video channel.


I’ve arrived just in time for the next lecture “Parallel Programming in .NET Framework 4: Task Parallel Library, PLINQ and more“ by Stephen Toub. I’ve planned to cover this lecture in this post but Gadi already done a great job.

Afterwards I’ve went to Sela’s VIP suite to have some drinks and meet with other Sela experts. In case you haven’t heard, Sela’s VIP Suite is where Sela’s expert are available to answer questions 1-on-1. Entrance is for invited people only.

Then I had dinner at my hotel, went to the primary TechEd session and Partners Cocktail. Same as all of you.

That’s it for now,
Arik Poznanski.

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