PDC 2010: Summary

November 4, 2010

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PDC 2010 is over for almost a week now, so I’ve decided it’s a good time to summarize the experience.

Only a thousand of us, developers, gathered in the rather small chamber to hear Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia keynotes.

So what have we heard?

We heard about the latest version of Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer 9, which will offer great support for HTML 5 and an improved user experience for sites running on windows (see IE9 pinned sites on Windows 7 taskbar for more details).

We heard about the new mobile operating system Windows Phone 7, which is scheduled to be released in USA on the 08.11.2010. Of course, it didn’t stop Microsoft from giving a free WP7 device for each PDC participant..
By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, check out this Windows Phone 7 ad, really fun to watch..

Finally, we heard about the new features coming to Windows Azure, which is another step in the right direction.

Another small announcement which was hidden in the sessions was the new asynchronous programming support in C# vNext. If you can’t wait for this to arrive, download the CTP here.

During the sessions I’ve written quite a few blog posts. Most of them were from the Client and Framework channels.

I think the most interesting lecture was by Anders Hejlsberg on C# asynchronous programming. Oren Nachman also gave a very good lecture on optimizing performance for Windows Phone 7 Silverlight applications.
Of course, I haven’t seen all the lectures (yet), so if you know of a good session, do post it in the comments.

I can’t say PDC was innovating, but then again, I do work at SELA, where we learn and use the most innovative tools ahead of their public appearance..
All in all, it was interesting and fun.

For all those who missed PDC, come to hear SELA’s experts about the latest and most innovative Microsoft technologies at the coming SELA Developer Practice (SDP) event.

On a personal note, this was my first PDC and my first time at Redmond, WA.
I enjoyed it very much and I was amazed of the beauty of the city. Here is a nice random picture outside my hotel, notice the trees comes in 3 different colors: Red, Green and Yellow.


That’s it for now,
Arik Poznanski.
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