My biggest Vista problem solved.

יום רביעי, דצמבר 24, 2008

No. I didn't go downgrade to XP, nor did I install LINUX. Lot's of bad blood exists around Vista, I know, Everyone's favorite punch doll. I dare say not without reasons. I kinda got used to it, I've been working with it since it got out, most of time I was happy, not thrilled but content. Regardless of that there was one thing that completely drove me crazy with Vista: Explorer folder settings. I like to view my folders in the same way, I want "details", I want to see file sizes and dates, if for some reasons I...
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IIS – Or Another name : Into (really) Insane System…

יום שישי, אפריל 18, 2008

This is another rant post. be warned. I guess when you are playing with fire, you need to take into consideration that you might get burned. Well I have been working on a application recently. All went well except some minor irritating issues, not something surprising when dealing with betas. Anyway, after developing on the development server for a few days, the time had come to deploy it to the IIS, right?. It just didn't work. First I thought it must be some firewall/router issue. I am not that an network...
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Black (or more to the point, blue) day

יום חמישי, ינואר 10, 2008

Arggh. What can I say, my precious, my life, one of things that fills my world had let go of me, had betrayed me. let me take you back to the beginning, not so long ago, yesterday I was sitting comfortably with my computer trying to get some work done, as an after thought I started to look into Ruby and IronRuby. It was sunny and the weather was nice, I listned how roads are being closed for Mr.Bush and was happy I postponed my consulting in Jerusalem for another day. it was really going to...

"Important" Vista update is out there

יום רביעי, נובמבר 28, 2007

You thought about SP1?, wrong! Yes, new Hold Em Poker game is out for grab! Here are some breaking news snapshot. :) Have fun. Ariel
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All we need is just a little patience…

יום חמישי, יולי 12, 2007

Prologue I am using Vista, Yes I am, defying and ignoring all those saying "Wait till SP1" or "What's wrong with XP?" guys, I'm sure you all know those and can relate. My main excuse was that I need to program WPF apps, and in vista it will look much better, oh well, whatever. Anyway I was and still very open minded about each and every innovation, I think I'm one of a soon to be extinct group that uses UAC in its' default configuration, yes it bogs me to approve every rename I do, but I see the reasoning around this subject,...