“Hacking” through Prism regions (or when to cross the lines with Prism)

יום שלישי, יולי 19, 2011

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you should know I’m an avid prism fan. Most of my projects I am making use of Prism or Composite Application Guidance. This is not a post for learning Prism, but to provide a solution, not so straight-forward for a rather straight-forward problem. I must add that that rarely I had had been pushed to extreme solutions such as I show you here. For most scenarios you are pretty much good with the default behaviors. In my scenario I’ve been using a control as a region. This control...

How to Develop MVVM Silverlight applications with Prism

יום ראשון, אוקטובר 24, 2010

I’ve got some criticism from Alex Golesh in a comment on one of my latest Posts (Managing Silverlight resources contained in external assemblies), First I would like to thank him for taking his time and writing this comment, I would like to reply him with this post. First let’s see Alex’s Comment: I have to comment it, because the code lead to bad practice... First, it heavily assumes you have all you assemblies in single XAP package - which is a bad practice for "heavy" Silverlight applications and especially real MVVM...

Open-Generics Support in MEF– Building a simple sample

יום שישי, אוקטובר 22, 2010

A year ago, A controversy arisen in the community when it was discovered that MEF is not going to support Open-Generics out of the box. (Here, Here and finally Here) For those of you who don’t know what is Open-Generics. Consider the following scenario with Unity (which do support Open-Generics): internal class UnityRunner {     IUnityContainer container = new UnityContainer();     public UnityRunner()     {         container.RegisterType(typeof (IRepository<>), typeof (Repository<>));         Repository = container.Resolve<IRepository<Customer>>();...

Managing WPF resources contained in external assemblies

יום שלישי, ספטמבר 15, 2009

Here is a small how-to solution to a very common question. Suppose I have separated my client application to multiple projects, and each project contains his own WPF resource dictionary, how do I use it? Bottom line, you need to merge your resource dictionary to the application main resource, let’s see how to do that. private static void RegisterResources() { ResourceDictionary dictionary = new ResourceDictionary(); ...
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