Build// 2012 My Hackaton exprience

יום רביעי, נובמבר 7, 2012

Hey all, A week before Build// I’ve registered to the Build Hackaton. Hackaton is a process which people are gathered in a room, divided into ad-hoc teams and are driven to create awesome and imaginative apps in a short term of time. Hackaton has started on Monday, a day which was dedicated to attendee registration, but the hackaton room was already packed with action, a room filled with MS techies (from the relevant Windows8, Windows Azure and Windows Phone teams) were mentoring attendees teams day and night, and attendees who were already...

CodeRetreat – You can do it too

יום שלישי, מרץ 20, 2012

  Last Friday we had held CodeValue 1st CodeRetreat, for the unaware, CodeRetreat was created by Corey Haines (which had become a frequent visitor in this blog ). It is safe to assume that most of you have never heard of CodeRetreat, it is a day which you concentrate on skills that usually you are neglecting or putting aside because it slows you down when you just want o get things done. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m the first to tell you that usually that exactly what you need to do. That why the whole purpose of this...

March on Israel Dot Net Developers User Group

Tomorrow you will get the chance of hearing everything you wanted to know about AOP, Aspect Oriented Programming. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) helps us deal with application-wide concerns by adding a high level of reuse to the traditional OOP framework. In the meeting Dror will explain what AOP is all about and how it can be implemented in .NET using simple methods and industrial grade frameworks to improve the developer's everyday work by using aspects. - What is AOP and how it improve (instead of replace) the existing code - Using high order functions to...
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PDC 09 Israeli Delegation

יום שלישי, נובמבר 10, 2009

Hi all, next week Microsoft is holding it’s biggest developer conference in LA. Thousands of developers around the world are participating and amongst them around 25-30 Israelis So, what’s in it for you? We will be keeping you updated using our blogs through live updates, and daily summaries. Some like myself will be twittering in earnest (you are invited to follow my tweets : arielbh). We will be using #PDC09 tag so you can set your RSS reader or twitter search to it. I hope that we will also concentrate those posts on a visible...
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TeamSystem Top Secret Session for IDF and promos.

יום רביעי, יולי 2, 2008

About a month ago, I've delivered a session for a bunch of lucky IDF programmers who have enjoyed top score sessions and fresh pastries. I would be more happy if more people could have come but it was scheduled in an unfortunate timing for such an event (Lag BaOmer and end of a major army drill). Anyway me and Guy Kolbis put on a nice show for those who made it. While making the session I've listened for several Teched sessions that I've missed. And I got to tell you, it is amazing, great quality, I felt like I'm...
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"Live" Blogging : "Delivering Data Mining for the Masses"

יום שלישי, ינואר 22, 2008

Hello guys, Today I've participated on a one day seminar about Data Mining and BI for enterprises. The day was part of a European tour of the one and only Rafal Lukawiecki, it's appear he is delivering this day almost every day now and each time at a different country, I was really impressed by that, the man doesn't rest and basically speaking he has high levels of energy during his show, sustaining the crowd during hard periods, and as important with a smile and a wicked sense of humor. I was not surprised to learn that...