Build// 2012 My Hackaton exprience

יום רביעי, נובמבר 7, 2012

Hey all, A week before Build// I’ve registered to the Build Hackaton. Hackaton is a process which people are gathered in a room, divided into ad-hoc teams and are driven to create awesome and imaginative apps in a short term of time. Hackaton has started on Monday, a day which was dedicated to attendee registration, but the hackaton room was already packed with action, a room filled with MS techies (from the relevant Windows8, Windows Azure and Windows Phone teams) were mentoring attendees teams day and night, and attendees who were already...

#devacademy3. Live blogging : Building Azure app

יום שני, דצמבר 15, 2008

I can separate this session into 2 distinct parts. While talking about the theory Manu managed to do a great job, he was very clear, his points were sharpened and well understood, I think anybody on the crowd understood what is the purpose of Azure, What it will do for them and why do they need it, even if it was only for a very specific usage such as a web application hosting. When Manu is speaking it feels like a religious zealot speaking, Manu really put all of his heart into the talk. The problem arises when we...
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