Book in Review: Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide

9 במרץ 2013

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Packt book publisher has requested me to review their book on Kinect SDK. I’ve obliged.


This book is a guide that takes you end to end with Kinect development.

The first chapter provides you with an in-depth introduction into the Kinect sensor itself, for myself one who finds all hardware a mystery it was very educational to have someone pinpoint all the hardware pieces that Kinect consist of.

The 2nd chapter guides you with the preparation of your working environment. It describes in length how to setup the various SDKs and make sure you have zero questions mark before you get into the real thing. Coding.

From there we are skimming though the various properties of the SDK, from extracting information on kinect devices plugged in into setting their properties, for example their tilt angle.

With light and easy to read language, the book takes no prerequisites on the reader knowledge, but WPF knowledge will help concentrating on the main issue which is the SDK and not the user code that operates it.

Also very helpful are diagrams and side information meant for explaining what is going on the device itself and the physics involves with the commands operated.

Skeleton processing or speech processing are most likely what every Kinect driven application is likely to use, the book is full of practical code snippets and approaches that steer away from the academic approach and it’s very valuable for someone who doesn’t solely care about how it works but how to make it work in his app.

Kinect is here to stay, it’s the harbinger of NUI (Natural User Interface), reports indicate that Kinect and other similar devices are getting better and better and are extending the scenarios they can be applied into. You can grab this book and make sure this train doesn’t leave without you.

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