March on Israel Dot Net Developers User Group

20 במרץ 2012

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Tomorrow you will get the chance of hearing everything you wanted to know about AOP, Aspect Oriented Programming.

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) helps us deal with application-wide concerns by adding a high level of reuse to the traditional OOP framework.

In the meeting Dror will explain what AOP is all about and how it can be implemented in .NET using simple methods and industrial grade frameworks to improve the developer's everyday work by using aspects.

– What is AOP and how it improve (instead of replace) the existing code

– Using high order functions to implement AOP

– .NET AOP solutions – from simple hacks to full-fledged frameworks

– Real world use cases where AOP really shines

Thank you Dror for taking the time and investing back to the community.

Register Here:

Now, I want to say big special thank you for Telerik


And JetBrains.

That for the first time will be supporting our group with various licenses worth thousands of dollars.

Don’t forget to register, and see you there.


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