Pimp my Visual Studio 2010

29 בפברואר 2012

People often asks me which customizations do I use in my Visual Studio. I think it’s fit that on the day Visual Studio 11 Beta is out I will be sharing my experience with VS2010. For long time I was captured in a misconception, you shouldn’t customize your IDE, otherwise how do other people are going to be comfortable when you need them to to sit on your chair. In some ways that habit is hard to quell, proof of that is that I still pretty much use the default VS color scheme (and Yes...

February on Israel Dot Net Developers User Group

20 בפברואר 2012

Hey all, A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Corey Haines, an amazing man, full of vision and the abilites to fulfill them, when asked how one becomes a better programmer, he said to me, go to every User group you can find, in any language, in any field. Listen to Corey, don’t miss this opportunity to gather with your fellow programmers and enjoy their company, you might learn a few things and meet new friends. It might going to be what it takes to move you forward. Now, enough chit chat, this...
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