How to implement communication between Silverlight and the HTML host.

29 בינואר 2012

A question about intercommunication between Silverlight and the HTML host has been asked in the Israeli MSDN forum. Since I’ve already implemented it once in a project, I believe I can extract the great info already exist in the MSDN documentation to a more direct how-to. Let’s begin. Create a class called JavaScriptBridge Each method that you would like to be exposed to the HTML host, thus be possible to get called by JavaScript you adorn with attribute. public void...

Under new management

18 בינואר 2012

I’m happy to announce that I am to join forces with Shai Bar-Lev and help manage the INDNUG – Israel Dot Net Developers User Group. Today is my debut appearance at the group meeting, for those of you who don’t know this group roots are from a long time groups such as VB .NET user group. This group covers quite a wide range of areas, so it can appeal to any .NET developer out there. For exmple today, is a talk about SQL Server 2012 for .NET developers by Shy Engelberg Now dear followers,...
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