Wrapping up MIX11 (Part 2)

20 באפריל 2011

In Part 1, I’ve placed down the background for this post series, I’ve written down my feelings towards the session at MIX, but what about the Keynotes? Keynotes In this MIX we had 2 keynotes, one was concentrated around IE10 and HTML5, the other was about Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and Kinect. It’s very easy to compare them, the first one was non-imaginative, bothersome and at times offending, while the other one was direct, happy and fun. Before really trashing the first keynote, I want to say that it...
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Wrapping up MIX11 (Part 1)

As the dust settled over MIX11 and Las Vegas stopped wasting money out of hard earned lines of code being typed by dozens of developers, I think it is safe enough we can start drawing conclusions. While on the surface everything is shiny and Mix with its’ extravagant location and many spoils that really keep you entertained and wishing it will never end, and really, “Free” food and drinks, Occasional prizes and giveways that keep you going forward with technology (PDC09’s Notebook, PDC10’ Phones and this year Mix Kinect), Sessions all day to peek your intellectual interest,...
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