PDC09 : Hanging out with Microsofties, or why PDC09 is different from every conference I’ve attended

18 בנובמבר 2009

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So far I am expriencing PDC09 much differently than any other conference I’ve ever participated.

First, Thanks to Glenn Block I have a role to play, yesterday I hanged out with Glenn at the speakers lounge meeting people I’ve reading theire blogs for so long time, people such as Nikhil Kothari, Matthew Podwysocki and many more.

Second, Last PDC my laptop had died 2 days before flying over. This year I feel I am blogging and twittering for every second breath. Feel Free to follow me (twitter.com/ArielBH).

Third I’ve met with some great people today, Ian and Mike from the WPF team, Paul from the VS team, Marc from the DPE team, all this guys are Microsofties (I can also add Glenn to this excellent list). We had great conversations, and ideas, I’ve learned stuff on the internals of WPF and VS through funny stories that you can get expose too through happy conversation.

So content wise, nothing new under the sun at PDC, but for me, I am enjoying every minute of it.


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