PDC09 : Hanging out with Microsofties, or why PDC09 is different from every conference I’ve attended

18 בנובמבר 2009

So far I am expriencing PDC09 much differently than any other conference I’ve ever participated. First, Thanks to Glenn Block I have a role to play, yesterday I hanged out with Glenn at the speakers lounge meeting people I’ve reading theire blogs for so long time, people such as Nikhil Kothari, Matthew Podwysocki and many more. Second, Last PDC my laptop had died 2 days before flying over. This year I feel I am blogging and twittering for every second breath. Feel Free to follow me (twitter.com/ArielBH). Third I’ve met with some great people today, Ian...
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PDC09 : Advanced WPF Application Performance Tuning and Analysis

http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions/CL11 In this presentation, a WPF Facebook like application was presented. Unfortunately the application has issues. during the session we have walked some classic scenarios and some are a bit far fetched (at least from my experience). If you are a WPF developer, see the video, this session should go through video really good, because you will be able to see all the small mouse gestures the presenters are doing  with each application they have used to analyze the problem. To get things in order, the session dealt with those issues: Memory...
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PDC09 : Managing Development to Inspire Innovation and Create Great User Experiences

http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions/VTL30 Bottom line, I recommend you watching this session on Video when it would be available probably tomorrow. Why? Cool Demos. All demos are visual and interesting, it’s really hard to exite most people with a clustering algorithm, but give them a DeepZoom app and sea how everybody starts to the enjoy the smooth experience. Interesting tips on driving innovation on your team. I also liked UI tips being discuessed some are a bit trivial like never life work on you UI thread, push everything to a background...
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PDC09 : 1st Keynote Summary

So this is kind of a live blogging from the PDC09’s keynote. Bottom line, as I’ve suspected no big announcements in today’ss keynote. But… it might be for the best, Microsoft focuses on maturing many projects that were discussed on last year PDC. Windows Azure starts to gain momentum with customers using it and driving feedbacks to the team, and as with this timing Azure is about to get into production state, some projects are already starting on getting online for production versions, projects such as WordPress, KBB, and many more important vendors. Microsoft made an...
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PDC09 : How Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Was Built with WPF 4

17 בנובמבר 2009

http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions/CL09 Live blogging. Reasons for VS to use WPF: You better lead by example, if you want people to use WPF, you must use it in house, intresting that it was the 1st point. WPF strong patterns of separation of concerns between UI an logic. Maturity of WPF. Plenty of rich UIs that VS needs that is much more easy to accomplish with WPF rendering engines. I guess that 3d driven designers and VS features are around the corner. ...
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PDC09 So far.

Today was our 3rd day at LA. From a personal perspective, I’ve kept myself busy preparing my sample app for Glenn’s session which he kindly enough invited me to preset with him that Sample app. http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions/FT24 One on one with Glenn, paring to refactor the sample code, the framework it is using, It is extremely valuable for me to learn from a guy such as Glenn who knows the insides and outsides of MEF. Really cool. Sela’s presence in the conference is really impressive, a swarm of people, wearing almost an identical uniforms, a booth, which in...
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PDC 09 Israeli Delegation

10 בנובמבר 2009

Hi all, next week Microsoft is holding it’s biggest developer conference in LA. Thousands of developers around the world are participating and amongst them around 25-30 Israelis So, what’s in it for you? We will be keeping you updated using our blogs through live updates, and daily summaries. Some like myself will be twittering in earnest (you are invited to follow my tweets : arielbh). We will be using #PDC09 tag so you can set your RSS reader or twitter search to it. I hope that we will also concentrate those posts on a visible...
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