Tips for Good Presentation (and lessons learned from my IDCC talk)

15 בספטמבר 2009

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Well, one day after my talk at IDCC. I feel pretty good about my talk, not many people know that everything that was connected to this talk was prepared under 4 days. Presentation slides, Sample project, planning and so on. And I’ve never realized how many small details one has while preparing for this talk.

So few tips I’ve learned during this session making process, through the session, and after the session.

  1. Follow Scott Hanselman’s Tips, every each of his tips is valuable, I tried to follow his advice.
  2. Think of your session pre-requisites, in my session, WPF knowledge was a must. I, for example, have not made it clear enough.
  3. Run your session on you friends and colleagues, at least 3-4 times before. Practice on your jokes even. Have them review it, if they are in business. Make sure your message in correct Don’t give people bad advices.
  4. Make sure you can see the clock during your session, I’ve separated my talk on to 5 sections (each is 15 minutes) and wrote it on a paper which was visible as well. It helped my time orientation during the talk. I only needed to have 1 second glance at the clock and my 5 sections paper and know if I’m running late and speed up or I’ve plenty of time to slow down the pace, or take a few questions.
  5. Next tip, I’ve thought of this technique on my own and am very proud of it, I found it really useful during my session. Instead of live-coding by inserting snippets. Before the talk comment your code, cover it with a region of you don’t want to people to see it before time. Also use a //TODO: commend before each section. I also gave it a number. Now during the talk all you have to do is uncomment your code. I didn’t have to remember what is the sequence, it was already ordered in my Tasks view pane on Visual studio. I could easily navigate between projects quickly, didn’t have waste time looking for my files. FTW!


For those who have attended my session, I would be happy to receive any feedback. You will just help me improve myself. Thank you very much!

Session materials such as slides and projects will be available soon.


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one comment

  1. Shay Friedman16 בספטמבר 2009 ב 14:52

    Good tips!
    I second the practicing tip. Practice as much as possible even to people who have no idea what you're talking about – they'll have the best reviews on the way you talk and present because that's the only things they'll pay attention to.