Managing WPF resources contained in external assemblies

15 בספטמבר 2009

Here is a small how-to solution to a very common question. Suppose I have separated my client application to multiple projects, and each project contains his own WPF resource dictionary, how do I use it? Bottom line, you need to merge your resource dictionary to the application main resource, let’s see how to do that. private static void RegisterResources() { ResourceDictionary dictionary = new ResourceDictionary(); ...
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Tips for Good Presentation (and lessons learned from my IDCC talk)

Well, one day after my talk at IDCC. I feel pretty good about my talk, not many people know that everything that was connected to this talk was prepared under 4 days. Presentation slides, Sample project, planning and so on. And I’ve never realized how many small details one has while preparing for this talk. So few tips I’ve learned during this session making process, through the session, and after the session. Follow Scott Hanselman’s Tips, every each of his tips is valuable, I tried to follow his advice. ...
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