#devacademy3. Live blogging : Building Azure app

15 בדצמבר 2008

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I can separate this session into 2 distinct parts.

While talking about the theory Manu managed to do a great job, he was very clear, his points were sharpened and well understood, I think anybody on the crowd understood what is the purpose of Azure, What it will do for them and why do they need it, even if it was only for a very specific usage such as a web application hosting.

When Manu is speaking it feels like a religious zealot speaking, Manu really put all of his heart into the talk.

The problem arises when we switched into the demo.

The demo was too long in a way that it wasn't grained enough to be shown to the audience. In a matter of fact he couldn't run or compile it until the very end after 9 long code snippets (At Least he used snippets!), and in the during of it I am afraid some of the audience lost him through the object model of Azure.

A pity.


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