My biggest Vista problem solved.

24 בדצמבר 2008

No. I didn't go downgrade to XP, nor did I install LINUX. Lot's of bad blood exists around Vista, I know, Everyone's favorite punch doll. I dare say not without reasons. I kinda got used to it, I've been working with it since it got out, most of time I was happy, not thrilled but content. Regardless of that there was one thing that completely drove me crazy with Vista: Explorer folder settings. I like to view my folders in the same way, I want "details", I want to see file sizes and dates, if for some reasons I...
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MIX 10K challenge, Learn How I did my Silverlight App. Part 2

23 בדצמבר 2008

In Part 1, we’ve discussed how the Layout was done, and we finished designing our XAML. Now let’s see what is going on beyond the scenes. We will define two helper classes that will help us manage the data in our App. Function class got: Name : Will be shown inside the ComboBox. Params: List of Param class, will be used to persist data into the function. Run: a Func<double, double> type property, contains a lambda expression representing the mathematical function to be...
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MIX 10K challenge, Learn How I did my Silverlight App. Part 1

My esteemed colleague Alex Golesh  sent me a request to rate his app on the MIX 10k competition, I wasn’t aware of this competition, but I immediately decided that I want in. The rules are simple, do anything you want on Silverlight or XBAP but you mustn’t exceed 10kb of code and resources. After some thinking I’ve decided I want to create a mathematical function plotter, you can find such on sites like So Now before you continue reading and learning how I put it together, play with my app, discover all the features, try...
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Cool LINQ trick

22 בדצמבר 2008

Today I was approached with a nice question. Suppose we have a simple class with a few properties. We want to do a linq query over it with a where clause. (it doesn’t matter what is the data source, in this case it will be plain CLR objects). Let’s say that we want to construct our Where clause in such a matter that if a variable is null we ignore it and use another condition, but if it is not null we will use this one; did I confuse you? let’s try...
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#devacademy3 : Summary, observations, and a few recommendations

16 בדצמבר 2008

So the dust cloud behind #devacademy3 has scattered, and what did we get? DevAcademy3 is based on a proven concept, you can feel that it was made with the same template as the previous events. Based on past experience I knew what to expect, I wasn't surprised, I wasn't disappointment as well, because I knew perfectly well how this event is going to be. On the other hand, event in that magnitude should have a clean message to it, and if you can, plan a surprise, anything, let people have something to discuss...

Twitter Craziness

I most admit I’m fairly new to Twitter. I’ve observed this phenomena from outside for many days. Again I need to be honest I thought it is just plain stupid, why do I need to tell anybody what do I do now, why share every stupid thing with the rest. Furthermore I thought that people will get tired from it, and as quickly as it came into our lives and became a trend, it will be equal like forgotten. Rarely, I am wrong, and as the days past by I ignored twitter until I read...
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#devacademy3. Live blogging : Building Azure app

15 בדצמבר 2008

I can separate this session into 2 distinct parts. While talking about the theory Manu managed to do a great job, he was very clear, his points were sharpened and well understood, I think anybody on the crowd understood what is the purpose of Azure, What it will do for them and why do they need it, even if it was only for a very specific usage such as a web application hosting. When Manu is speaking it feels like a religious zealot speaking, Manu really put all of his heart into the talk. The problem arises when we...
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#devacademy3. Live blogging : Building Twitter Silverlight App

Guy have produced a well structured lecture. Managed it with high precision and very well timing, never slowing on it's own, just the proxy slowed his pace, and in those times it felt like he didn't have really nothing more to say out of his well practiced script. Furthermore, I felt a little bit like watching a screencast, but it is a very minor rant For his benefit He managed both to introduce the technology for newbies and delivering a worthy app. That for really the content, the rest for me was Twitter madness. Watching our twitts on the...
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#devacademy3. Live blogging : Ajax Internal

Dan's lecture promised a lot, I carefully reviewed the slides prior of the event, and decided to go to this lecture, first it promised the most advanced issues and second I so far scratched the surface of Ajax and it is good opportunity to learn more on this. Dan stated the lecture with good pace, moving swiftly into the architecture of the Web model. I think he should have elaborated more on this subject, it would be a very critical point of the lecture to keep the audience well understood what he is going to do and especially where....
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