PDC 2008 – All good things come to… a Beginning!

24 בנובמבר 2008

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PDC is way behind us, but we at Sela put on an effort to try to summarize the most important stuff from the event(atleast those we liked :)) for the rest of Sela employees and special guests.

We did that in a rather challenging way, since that 7  people (including myself) were attendees at PDC, each one of us got 15 minutes to talk about a few of his favorite subjects at PDC, like Andy Warhol famous quote, our 15 minutes of fame.

So in a tremendous pace all those people spoke up :

  1. Adar Wesly: Windows Azure, MONO.
  2. Alon Fliess: Windows 7.
  3. Ariel (that’s me): Dynamic runtime features on .net 4.0.
  4. Tomer Shamam: WPF 4.0.
  5. Josh Rueben : M, OSLO, PEX, Code Contracts.
  6. Noam King : Future of ASP.Net.
  7. Noam Sheffer : Live Mesh.
  8. Sasha Goldstein: Parallel and Concurrency for Manager and native.

I really enjoyed the fast movements between each subject, and we all just emphasized on the most important stuff (or just a sentence for a subject. that for the unbelievers) of each topic so in just 2 hours including pizza break all got really educated, a beginning to those who needed the extra push to go and learn tomorrow’s stuff.

I hope such gather away evenings would follow on different kind of subjects.


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  1. Jun4 במאי 2012 ב 0:23

    Apperacition for this information is over 9000-thank you!