Google Chrome – First impressions

2 בספטמבר 2008

Look at that, look at that. The whole community in a turmoil, this doesn't happen every day, right :) First you got to give Google some credit for their "Field security", nothing leaked about it, the first reports on Chrome took me by surprise, but I'm not that an example. I agree with Scobleizer that the guys at Microsoft are finally learning that it is important to be quite and be productive instead of talkative. Second, I partly agree with Kampf that while *almost* everybody got a such a grin from "Google is punching Microsoft in the nose again"....
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,Net -> .Net == success ??

PC Magazine has published an article discussing 21 technologies that have failed. As PC mag states, they are not bad technologies, they just weren't on the right time and the right place. Apparently only 2 companies tried to deliver technologies that failed: Microsoft, 2nd place with 10 technologies and lucky winner Apple with 11 (!) technologies. I will not argue about the editor taste, anybody can think on their own favorite failures that are not included in this prestige list. What did caught my eyes is that .Net is included, yep, .Net for the last 5 years of my...