15 בפברואר 2008

I'm going to India tomorrow. I know, I only got back from South America, but the opportunity came and I couldn't let it slip. The last couple of weeks were amazing for me, I feel like I have awakened. Last week I met a friend and while telling him my recent experiences, he told me he bought a ticket to India due next week. He took 3 weeks off and wanted to visit places he didn't pass when he was there before. At first, I told him that it's a shame he...
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South America pictures competition, Phase 2

Hi guys. I want to thank everyone who helped me decide, you did a hell of a job. Last time I asked you to help me choose photos for a competition, and you did a great job! How do I know? Each participant was allowed to send up to 3 photos totaling to 550 photos sent by all participants. Afterwards 30 photos were chosen, and I am very proud to say that 2 of my photos are amongst to final 30! I'm inviting you to look...
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