WPF, "The American Dream"

23 ביולי 2007

You gotta love WPF, it's an amazing technology frightfully overwhelming but so overwhelming powerful as well. You can create applications which are so elegant that it's make you wanna cry.  Well, I guess all this opening is pretty nosense to you all, I didn't add anything new to you, even if you don't code with WPF (which most chances you don't, but that for another post), you could probably recite the same sentences word by word, Power to the media!. So obviously I'm not going to tell you things you already know I just wrote down one of the lesser pieces...

Opening Post @ Agile – Israel

22 ביולי 2007

I defiantly wanna be a part of Agile-Israel community. So this is my first post who will be making it's way to AgileIsrael. I'll probably be talking about TFS and Scrum and maybe add some knowledge to the human race public storage of data. This one is short, next time, more interesting stuff. Ariel   Technorati Tags: AgileIsrael
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New Tidings

16 ביולי 2007

Hello to all  fellow Citizens, I will be using this short post to update you on some of my personal affairs. First, today is my birthday, I'm feeling much older than yesterday, thank you very much for wondering. The celebrate my special day I went paragliding with my girlfriend. (Pictures will be published soon, although I've just found out that I accidentally forgot to reset the ISO so I took them with ISO400 and overcooked my pictures, damn). Second, I am joining Sela as a consultant. So wish me another luck dragon (those who are still thinking "what the hell  I'm...
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All we need is just a little patience…

12 ביולי 2007

Prologue I am using Vista, Yes I am, defying and ignoring all those saying "Wait till SP1" or "What's wrong with XP?" guys, I'm sure you all know those and can relate. My main excuse was that I need to program WPF apps, and in vista it will look much better, oh well, whatever. Anyway I was and still very open minded about each and every innovation, I think I'm one of a soon to be extinct group that uses UAC in its' default configuration, yes it bogs me to approve every rename I do, but I see the reasoning around this subject,...

A new race!

2 ביולי 2007

Everybody, meet Blubber Bot, a new intelligent life form, or an Alav. (Autonomous Light Air Vessels) It looks like a big balloon with light bulbs, but it's promises are allot more: They can fly around responding to lights, sounds and cellphones. They communicate one with each other, resembling a flock like behavior. And... they can sing! whale like singing. Well, I find it awesome, and it's only 100$ Anybody wanna chip in? Ariel More Links : http://www.alavs.com/index.html http://store.makezine.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKBLIMPKIT Technorati Tags: Blubber Bot, Gadget
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