A Locked File is Killing the Build

13 באוקטובר 2009

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I read a nice post by Ron Gross (thanks for sharing, Ken) about how a file locked by the System process screws up a build.

I have only one thing to say to that:

What?! Only one file?!?


I’m a big FinalBuilder fan, and my build/deployment scripts usually have countermeasures for that sort of build-wrecking scenarios.


Above is a short snippet out of a deployment script I wrote (those actions are part of the uninstallation of a previous version). After performing the mundane action of “stop the service” – we continue to the extremes: kill the process in case it decided to mutiny, kill all open file handles, kill all MMC session (which could screw up a service uninstallation) and so on, and so forth.

All these tasks are based on the wonderful PsTools by SysInternals, and provided out of the box as FinalBuilder actions.

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