Unit Tests as a Performance Benchmark. And Then What?

12 באוקטובר 2009

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I’ve noticed a pattern with me – often, when I need to do some performance optimizations – I start off by using my “create unit test” Resharper template, writing the to-be-optimized code in a stopwatch block in it, and using TestDriven.Net to run it a couple of time to see if the time measurements are consistent.

Then I’m off to optimizing, and checking the optimization helped, and having coffee, and re-optimizing and refactoring and whatnot. Life’s great.

Then I’m done.

But I have a perfectly good performance test all written, just orphaned of an assertion…


I don’t really have a suggestion here. I know that just adding an assert on the time it took it a bit problematic, because tests can run on an assortment of environments (hardware+software) and in an assortment of scenarios (right after a boot or during Office2007SP2 install), so they might fail “randomly”.

I usually just comment out the code, feel bad about that, and a couple of months later delete it. Oh ,and feel bad about that, too.


So, readers, have you got any ideas?

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