Azure ServiceBus Topic using REST API – Part 4

יום שני, מרץ 12, 2012

In the three last post's we learned how to use Azure ServiceBus REST API to send and receive messages using Topics. The difference between Queues and Topics is the fact that with topics different customers can receive different messages according message filtering which is deployed as filtering rules on the subscription. MSDN describe the following about topics and rules: Topics extend the messaging features provided by Queues with the addition of Publish-Subscribe capabilities. Each Subscription can define one or multiple Rule entities. Each Rule specifies a filter expression that is used to filter messages that pass through the subscription and a...

Azure ServiceBus Topic using REST API – Part 1

יום ראשון, פברואר 26, 2012

To use Service Bus, we must ensure that our firewall allows outgoing TCP communication on TCP ports 9350 to 9354. This is not a very strong request yet some customers cannot touch their firewall policy and so their firewall blocks all interaction with the service bus. In such scenarios (any many others) AppFabric REST API is the only alternative to work with the service bus. When working with the REST API we have to construct Http request to the service bus resource we want to work with. Unfortunately the REST API documentation is not accurate. In this post I...
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